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Rudy Tiene Una Sorpresa

That's right, Rudy has a surprise.  Another day at practice, another day of post-practice slam dunk preparation for Rudy Fernandez.

After I described his soccer skills, I was a little bit taken aback that some of you guys were mad at me for letting the cat out of the bag.  Really?  

That is, until today, when I tried to film a little bit of Rudy's dunk preparation.  Take a look at what happened. 

At the end, you can see Rudy gesture and hear him yell "no camera!" at me so I shut it off.  Maybe that Marca report got back to him?  Or maybe he just Bedges all day.

So what was Rudy working on?  Well, I'll respect his wishes and not get specific.   Let's just say he practiced at least 4 different looks in roughly 15 minutes, all of which were pretty impressive.  He does need to up his conversion percentage a little bit though.

If you're an astute listener, you can hear Coach Monty Williams in the beginning of the video saying "don't worry about the dunk or you'll be here another hour, don't worry about it."  He was talking to Travis and Nic, who were having a wee bit of trouble concentrating on their end-of-practice jumpers with Rudy high-flying across the way.

As Trout and Nic wrapped up shooting, Rudy yelled out "Traw vees!" to make sure Outlaw was watching, and then proceeded to throw down a windmill.  Travis's responses, "whooo --- hooooo."

And here's one final dunk nugget: Nic Batum can almost throw it down from the free throw line a la Dr. J, MJ and Brent "Air Bones" Barry.  He couldn't quite execute it today but judging by the quality of his attempt he's probably done it before.  Ridiculous.

-- Ben ( 

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