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Jason Quick Ethers MSP, Feels the Heat

I hope you saw this -- I don't know how you could have missed it -- in the opening of Jason Quick's story last night about the long-standing Alien vs. Predator debate.

As it turned out, the Rodriguez-for-Robinson "deal" was nothing but a hoax, conjured up by talk radio that is too lazy to pick up a phone and determine what is real and what is not.

Whoa.  Chad In Portland and Jay Allen -- you just got served.

That sentence easily could have ended with the words "talk radio."  But it didn't.  

Feisty.  I love it. 


What's interesting is the timing of Quick's admonishment, as Quick has been feeling the heat himself, criticized by many of you as well as commenters on his blog, for a perceived lack of coverage of the Darius Miles story.  Earlier this week, the Portland Mercury included his name in a blog post criticizing the Oregonian on that subject.

So given this news-worthy situation, why the deafening silence from the Oregonian? It's not a secret that our lone daily paper is firmly in bed with the Blazers franchise, and their coverage is usually excellent (Jason Quick is one of the premier beat writers in the NBA, blogger Sean Meagher is a lot of fun to read, and John Canzano is, well, the worst writer this side of Mitch Albom), but are they too close to the team? The paper is first on the scene when the news is good-the team drafting Oden, etc.-but when things go sour like they have in the past week, national outlets like Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and Yahoo Sports broke the stories long before the O.

(To clarify one thing in that passage: Sean is an employee of Oregonlive and not the Oregonian, and if you check the records he has diligently provided Miles updates on the Oregonlive Blazers Blog throughout the story's development.)

While Darius has been one of the top NBA stories nationally for the last 8-10 days and while Joe FreemanJohn Canzano and Ryan White have all mentioned Darius Miles on their blogs recently, I searched for awhile and simply couldn't find a blog entry or a story mentioning Darius from Quick in... weeks? months? Of course, there was this story back in July. Maybe someone can find one more recent than that?

Sophomoric sidenote: while testing out Google, I came across this humorous result: typing in "jason quick darius miles" results in the second entry, "Story Not Found -"


It's no secret that I am a professed Jason Quick fanboy and there is no doubt in my mind that he's completely sick of this story.  I haven't spoken to a single person that covers the team that isn't completely sick of the story.  Quick is scheduled to chat with Sean Meagher today at 1PM over at Oregonlive. Given the circumstances, this is must-listen podcasting.

-- Ben (