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Game 38 Recap: Blazers bleh, Sixers 100


Well, the Blazers made my job pretty easy tonight.  I'm not even going to attempt a detailed recap, as this game didn't deserve it.  Long story short, the Blazers coughed up the ball left and right in the first half, leading to plenty of easy Philadelphia scores.  Philly's swarming defense aggravated the Blazers' shooting woes.  Meanwhile the sun shone on a dog's rear end for the Sixers, as they couldn't miss from outside.  Portland carved out a 55-33 halftime deficit and Philadelphia only had to play half a game from there on.  They did.  They played more than that in fact, cranking up the energy to stop a Portland run in the third quarter.  And that was that.

The most notable event from the game was losing Steve Blake while defending a screen play.  The Mikes said it was a separated shoulder.  He'll certainly be out tomorrow.

Individual Notes  (for those who merit them)

Brandon Roy snapped out of a first half funk and upped his energy enough to score 27 with 6 assists and 5 rebounds.  We needed 47 from him tonight.  He shot 10-17 but also had 4 turnovers.

Lamarcus did OK, shooting 50%, scoring 15, and grabbing 9 boards.  The Sixer big men were working around him though.

Greg Oden only got 18 minutes because he couldn't keep up with anybody.

Super Trout was nowhere to be found tonight.  Offense, defense, just about everything went south again for Travis.

Channing Frye came out with energy and confidence tonight which was nice to see after a long layoff.

The battle of the back-up point guards was more or less a double DQ.  Sergio had 4 rebounds and 2 assists but also 3 turnovers and 4 fouls.  He didn't shoot much and he didn't get the offense rolling much.  Jerryd Bayless went an astonishing 1-11 with 2 rebounds, no assists, 2 turnovers 3 fouls, and 5 points.  He didn't get us into our offense at all.  Bayless kept up with the Philly guards better, of course, but it's not like he shut them down.  Tomorrow night will be interesting.

Shavlik Randolph fans rejoice!  He had 4 points in 4 minutes off of two slow post plays.

Final Thoughts

What happened tonight doesn't matter.  Every team has games like this.  What happens tomorrow matters a lot.  The Blazers will be without two of their best shooters in Blake and Fernandez.  They'll be playing inexperienced point guards against one of the better point guards in the league.  They'll need to focus, come out with instant drive, and not turn one loss into two.

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