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Steve Blake Separates Shoulder

Steve Blake suffered a grade 1 right shoulder separation running into a pick during the first half of tonight's game against Philly. Obviously, Blake is done for tonight's game.

Grade 1 separations are the mildest kind. Here's some general information about shoulder separations.

The Blazers have not issued a timeline for Blake's return so do not jump to any conclusions based on this general information.

The injury is most commonly a result of a direct impact on the shoulder. The injury is classified according to its severity.

Grade I separation occurs when the ligaments holding the joint together (the acromio-clavicular capsule and ligaments) are bruised, but still mostly intact.


Grade I and II separations will usually resolve with rest. An arm sling is provided for comfort. Range of motion exercises are started in a few days as soon as the pain has subsided, and strengthening exercises added in 1 or 2 weeks. Most patients can resume sports in 3 to 6 weeks.

WebMD has similar information.

Treatment of a shoulder separation depends on its severity. For a type I or II injury, you support your shoulder with a sling. You generally need the sling until the discomfort decreases (a few days to a week). Early physical therapy to strengthen your shoulder and regain range of motion is important for recovery and to prevent frozen shoulder, a condition that limits shoulder motion (adhesive capsulitis). You can return to normal exercises and activities as your pain and other symptoms go away.

I will pass along any new information as soon as it becomes available.

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