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Blazers Tried to Get Miles Back

As Krollb has pointed out in the fanshot sidebar, A-Woj is now reporting that before the Blazers sent that infamous e-mail they tried to claim Darius Miles off of waivers.  They were blocked by the league who saw this as an attempt to circumvent cap rules.

This isn't horribly surprising, I suppose.  Just in dollars and cents the net cost of signing Miles is less than paying the luxury tax his contract would cause.  Plus we'd get to keep the cap space.

The saga continues.

--Dave (


P.S.  Can you imagine the conversation between Miles and his agent had Darius succeeded?

"Darius, I have some good news and some bad news..."

"What, I got signed?!?"


"What's the bad news?  Stacked team?  Hard to get playing time?"

"You have no idea..."