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What Up, Rufus?

It brings me great pleasure to introduce to you SportsblogNation's newest NBA blog, the VERY creatively named RufusonFire.  (Seriously, I love that name.)  It's written by yet another blogging Dave, David Arnott.  I don't know what it is about Daves and blogging, but somebody ought to do a stat check on what percentage of successful bloggers are actually Daves.  I bet it's high.

In any case, you may remember that when we were setting up Blazersedge Night I said that any blog that bought three or more tickets to send kids to the event would get some interaction with Blazersedge.  David's girlfriend gave him a Christmas present by buying those tickets and wrote me saying, "Check out my boy!"

Honestly, though, it seems like this is meant to be.  Not only is the dude writing for SBN now, the Blazers play the Bobcats on Saturday, so we get a week of build-up instead of random citing.  Also, and I mean this seriously, I'm already darn impressed by the stuff David is writing.  Check out this post on Recognizing "True" Talent.  My man gets some Gerald Wallace, Desagana Diop, salary cap discussion, and Boris Diaw all in the same post plus he takes his own GM to school.  This has application in the Blazers' situation as well.

David has already shown what kind of guy he is (or at least what kind of girl he's dating) by buying those tickets.  It would be fantastic if we at Blazersedge could help make his first week a memorable one by reading and/or commenting (POLITELY PLEASE) on his stuff.  Give it a week and see if RufusonFire doesn't become one of your regular stops on your NBA knowledge tour.

--Dave (