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Super Trail Blazers FTW

Came across this in the NYTimes -- an article about fundraising for the Presidential election. 

A recent e-mail message to McCain fund-raisers unveiled new incentives to spur them in their final push. For the primary, anyone who raised $100,000 or more earned the title of Trailblazer, while those who raised $250,000 or more became Innovators. Now Trailblazers who raise another $100,000 for the party for the general election can become Super-Trailblazers, and Innovators who raise another $250,000 earn the title of Super-Innovators.

Growing up, like many of you, I dreamed of being a Trail Blazer. How foolish of me.  I had no idea Super Trail Blazing was on the table. 

Is becoming a Super-Trailblazer sort of like getting your jersey retired?  If so, I nominate Terry Porter as the first Super-Trailblazer.

-- Ben (