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Tuesday Discussion: Critical Pieces

So...we've had nearly a whole summer to consider the roster, get a look at newcomers, and reflect on progress made (if any).  Having been through all of that with a heaping side of analysis, here's the question:

I'd like to know which Blazers you think are most critical to the team's success.  We're going to consider this year as well as the eventual chances of winning a trophy, which may be the same to you or may be different.  To broaden discussion the players will be split into two broad categories. Those categories are...

1.  Potential Superstars Roy, Aldridge, and Oden.

2.  Everybody Else.

So...  Which of the three superstars is most critical to team success this year and which of the remaining players is most critical?  Do your answers change when you consider the long term?  

Made-Up Example:  Right now Roy is the key player from the top three and Outlaw is the key among the rest of them, but long-term Oden is the crucial guy and Martell Webster will be the most critical of the complementary players.

Also let us know why you chose who you did.

--Dave (