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New Sidebar Era: Fanposts and Fanshots

Now that everyone has settled in to the Blazersedge/SBN 2.0 format, it's time to firm up the sidebar a little.  The conversation is good, but some organization is needed to take full advantage of the site features (and to keep us sane during the impending regular season).  So here are some brief guidelines for Fanposts and Fanshots.

From this point on:

Fanposts will be reserved for in-depth essays and discussions.  The 75-word minimum will apply and be truly enforced.  In other words, no more "word filling" to get your total to 75.  If it's only a 2-3 sentence thought, it's a Fanshot.  There will be two exceptions.  There will still be a daily junk drawer in the fanposts for off-topic stuff.  Also if MAJOR (meaning Blazer-related and important) news breaks a link or report may be posted in the fanposts even if it's brief.

Fanshots will now encompass any posts of fewer than 75 words.  They will include posts about pictures, isolated links, and stand-alone polls even if some commentary is included.  They will also include community notices such as occasional ticket offers and the Court Rivals posts no matter how long those posts turn out.  In other words if you just want to show us a picture, give us a single link, or talk about a community event then post it as a Fanshot, not a Fanpost.

Beginning this week you will see reminders in the comments of your post if it should have been in the other section.  Beginning next week posts will be subject to deletion if they are not in the correct section.

In order to see both sections I would recommend you set your Fanposts displayed on the main page to 20.  With more of the shorter posts, links, and such going to the Fanshot section Fanposts should last longer.

Also a reminder that comments in both the Fanposts and Fanshots sections need to stay on topic...congruent with the post in which you are commenting.  A lot of people read and post here hoping for information and discussion.  Avoid derailing that discussion with tangents, even if they are amusing or well-meant.  Give respect to the person who bothered to create the post in the first place by having a discussion with them, guided by their topic.

--Dave (