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Call Your Shot

OK, here's the big weekend topic...maybe the biggest ever.

Even non-Blazer-aligned folks will admit that there's a decent chance Portland is primed for a decade of dominance.  Any Blazer fan with a pulse is starting to dream of championships right now.  So here's your chance to call your shot.  I want to know the season in which the Blazers will win their first championship of this era.  Give us a specific season too, meaning using hyphens, not just the year "2010" (which could be 2009-10 or 2010-11). 

What's more, I want to know why you think that will be the year.  One of the things I hate about modern sports talk in all of its forms is that too many people just give half-baked opinions about every little thing and then only call attention to the ones that turn out right so they look like geniuses.  (That's why I seldom do this kind of thing here.)  Just reading "This year! Book it, dude!" is not illuminating.  Nobody will care in the end whether your year was right or wrong.  It's what you remind us to think about along the way that matters most.

Call your shot, explain your aim...enjoy!

--Dave (