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Is Shavlik Randolph Newsworthy?

That's a tough call. 

A really tough call.

According to a report in the Raleigh News and Observer (thanks, Lance) and apparently confirmed on 95.5 The Game by Kevin Pritchard, the Blazers have signed Mr. Randolph to a non-guaranteed deal.  

Once a press release is made available, we'll pass it along.

Randolph instantly becomes another name fighting for a roster spot that he probably won't win.  Feed him to Steven Hill and see if he comes out alive.

UPDATE, 3:49PM: This Randolph signing has been confirmed by phone to me by a team source.  Also, Shaun Livingston's non-signing has also been confirmed by the same team source.  Initial speculation is that Randolph has a better than you might expect chance of getting that last roster spot, should it go to someone.

UPDATE, 6:08PM: Awesome. +1 to Timbo.  Must-see Randolph picture in the comments.  Please  take up Timbo's call for captions.

-- Ben (