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Travis Outlaw Leaps Tall Humans

Remember that post from about a week back where I wrote that I was still an undecided voter in the Martell vs. Travis campaign and I wondered if perhaps Travis was behind in the polls? 

Well, in what I can only assume to be a spectacle staged by Travis's press secretary, Mr. Outlaw apparently is just randomly jumping over "dudes" for no reason.

Awesome.  Get em Travis. 

I couldn't believe my eyes.

It all happened so fast. Travis Outlaw took about five to six steps backwards, ran forwards and jumped in the air.

Over a dude.

No basketball. No hoop. Just an NBA player jumping over a dude.

The dude had to be about 6-2....just a guess....but an accurate guess. But still, Travis got up there real quick, glided through the air and stuck the landing. He left the dude in awe. That made two of us. Outlaw had just finished another intense core workout with Martell Webster and a personal trainer and two other fellas getting their workout on at Club Sport in Tualatin on Tuesday morning. 

Here's the full story, in part 2 of the Club Sport Chronicles by Wendell Maxey. Your move, Martell.  What's it going to be: kissing babies, or buying groceries for the elderly?

At this part of the post, I normally would link to Vince Carter's famous dunk over the french guy, but Vince Carter isn't worth it. So, instead, you can read my name and email address and throw your lighters in the air in honor of us never trading for him.

UPDATE: Not sure how I missed this earlier but Brian Hendrickson has Trout penciled in to a hypothetical starting lineup after talking with Nate about a possible slimming of the team's rotation.

If you cut it to an eight-man rotation, for instance, you could be looking at starters of Blake, Roy, Outlaw, Aldridge and Oden, a three-man bench of Przybilla, Fernandez and Bayless, and have no room for Frye, Webster, Rodriguez or Diogu. And don't forget, three of those guys left out of that hypothetical rotation will be free agents next summer, and may not be too happy about the lack of showcase time.

Martell might have something to say about that talk.

-- Ben (