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Sergio States His Case

If one Spanish language interview in which Sergio Rodriguez questions his future with the team wasn't enough, here's another one courtesy of 

The money quote (translated by HoopsHype) this time, consistent with the money quote from last time...

I've always wanted to succeed in Portland, although if it's not possible and in order to play consistently I have to change teams, whatever it takes.  I'll do anything to have success in the league.

If Sergio was in this thing for the long haul, his answer to the question would have read something like..

I've always wanted to succeed in Portland and it's a great learning experience playing behind consummate professionals like Steve Blake and Brandon Roy.  Learning from them is the best way for me to have success in the league.

So, yeah, Sergio didn't say that.

Hopefully, even Sergio's most ardent supporters will now realize that Sergio and his agent are chumming the waters for a trade to a team that will give him more minutes, Sergio's best chance to prove that he is an NBA point guard.  

Given Sergio's position on the depth chart in our loaded backcourt, it's the smart move. If Sergio's position is "play me or trade me" I think the Blazers will, eventually, be happy to select what's behind door number 2.  Assuming they can find a willing trade partner.

Like I've said before, the writing is graffiti'd all over this wall.  Especially with Quick's news that Kevin Pritchard is still giving thought to Shaun Livingston.  Whether or not KP signs Livingston is irrelevant; the mere fact that he's mulling the possibility speaks volumes about Sergio's future with the team. 

If you are a true Sergio fan, you should be demanding a trade.  If Sergio will shine, it's not going to be in Portland. 

It's not personal Sergio supporters, it's strictly business.

UPDATE: Here's another reaction from Dwight Jaynes

This doesn't mean he's dished out a play-me-or-trade-me ultimatum. He doesn't have to, does he? The Blazers can't really be pondering keeping him on the roster through another season, can they? Seriously? They've already made up their minds about him - I think at this point they're just trying to see if he can bring them back anything of value in trade. A first-round draft choice, at the very least.

I believe he will play well in the NBA for somebody, particularly a team that likes to play an uptempo game. But for all concerned, it looks to me as if it would be best for him to move on. Can you blame him for wanting to play?

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