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Today's discussion piece:  Share the best, niftiest, most breathtaking single play you remember from your Blazer watching experience.  The beauty of this topic is that the play doesn't even have to be that important.  It doesn't matter if it decided the game or even if the Blazers won the game.  What moment do you remember that made you come out of your seat and go, "Oh... WOOOOWWWWW!"?

The play that sticks out in my mind, as I was there in person with good enough seats to see it clear as day, came (as I recall) in the '90-'91 season.  The Blazers had the Knicks at home.  Clyde Drexler had a breakaway and the only guy in any position to stop him was former Blazer (and Clyde's best friend) Kiki Vandeweghe.  That's pretty much the same as saying the only person standing between Randy Couture and the belt is Miley Cyrus.  Nevertheless as Clyde charged in from the right side Kiki made a play at the ball angling in from the left, diving in front of Clyde arm-first to try and poke away the ball.  Clyde calmly swept the ball around his back, leaving Kiki charging at thin air, and finished the lay-up, barely missing a stride.  Going at full speed that was pretty darn amazing to see.

What play gets replayed nightly in the Blazer highlight reel in your mind?

--Dave (