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2 Hot 4 The NBA

For you Breaks of the Game heads out there, you might remember this section from early in the book, where Halberstam writes about "Jimmy Paxson."

Paxson was to become in the year that followed something of a teenage cult figure in Portland, his autographs-signed record bearing a favorable relation to his points-scored record.  He had, it seemed, even by opening day of camp, replaced in the hearts of young female fans the now departed Wally Walker, who like Paxson had been young, white, handsome, single and whose departure after one and a half disappointing seasons had caused the coaching staff to wonder whether if he had been a little less handsome (and thus a little less well adjusted in the rest of his daily life) he might have been a hungrier and more passionate basketball player.

First of all, I love the long sentences.  You've got to put the commas to work if they are going to keep their shape.  

To the point: life is tough if you're Wally Walker.  What a reputation.

Draft Express Report Card -- Wally Walker

  • Pros: jumpshot, scrappiness, Basketball IQ.
  • Cons: 2 sexy, 2 hot, 2 single
I'm at a loss for words but I'm sure this is something that a few of you commenters deal with on a regular basis. So I turn to you... which player in the NBA is the most WallyWalkeresque?  Feel free to post photographic evidence to help make your case.  

I'll kick this off by keeping it in the Wally family.


The countdown to the Nic Batum references begins in 3.... 2..... 1....

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