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Fanshots Redux: Guideline Revision

Upon further review and having good feedback from some of you, I've come to a conclusion.  The Fanshot interface is so basic as to be frustrating for anything but the simplest of short posts.  So we're going to have a slight revision of the Fanpost/Fanshot guidelines.

Fanshots are for: 

  • Anything under 75 words except the Junk Drawer and important breaking Blazer news.  This includes polls (ARRGH!), links, or thoughts....anything under 75 is a Fanshot.
  • Single pictures.

Fanposts are for anything else, including multiple picture posts, links with a paragraph or so of discussion/questions, more involved discussion, or items too complex to be easily formatted in a Fanshot.

The idea is to ease the burden on the Fanpost column by having "Quickie" posts in the Fanshot section.  But because of the formatting setup only the truly quick really fit there. 

--Dave (