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Assemble Your Own Blazer Team: Read 'Em and Weep

OK, for all of you who have been faithfully assembling your own Blazer team to take into battle, here is the big reveal.  Give us the final list of your players and let us know why you think YOUR team is superior.  Offense, defense, win now, win later, win always...lay it all on the table.  You have one day to show us why you're the best Blazer-picker ever, or at least why you have an irrational fondness for your very own team.

Thanks to all who have played along.  I thought it turned out to be an interesting twist on just "pick your top Blazers ever".  I had some real surprises along the way seeing who people picked.  I also couldn't help but swell with nostalgia and pride both seeing all of those names listed in actual lineups again.  No matter who you picked, you probably have a great team.

--Dave (