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The 2008 Schedule Honors Terry Porter


Mortimer the Green reminded me that one important result of the new schedule being released is that we are that much closer to pinning down the date for Terry Porter's jersey retirement.

To refresh, on June 4 we talked with then-COO Mike Golub who informed Blazersedge that upper management was seriously discussing Terry Porter's jersey retirement.

Quoteth Golub:

We are looking very hard at that. And we're trying to decide the right time, but absolutely. Terry is one of the greatest Trail Blazers both on and off the court, he is just a total class act, one of the best to ever wear the uniform. Yes, we agree with that sentiment very strongly and we are talking about it really seriously. We are trying to figure out when is the right time to act on it.

He also noted that retiring a player's jersey... about doing the right thing and creating a special night for the people involved and for the fans and I think our fans want to see special things. They want to see a new drama every day, they want to see a new story unfold.

The team has told us they recognize our desire to see special things. They've told us they are considering retiring Terry's jersey. They've told us they are waiting for the right time.

And, as of today, we've got the schedule in our hands so we know which times they will be choosing from. Indeed, they will have two perfect opportunities to retire Terry Porter's jersey, the two nights that we host his Phoenix Suns here at the Rose Garden.

These two nights are:

  • Thursday, December 18, 2008
  • Thursday, March 26, 2009

The ball is now firmly in our court. The organization has proven that it is listening to us on this one. So let's talk back. Will our collective vote be the deciding vote? No, probably not. But, it might help. And it certainly can't hurt.

Let the Blazers know when this great moment should go down by casting your vote. And be sure to leave your message for the organization in the comments.

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