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Blazersedge Night Planning

Now that the official schedule is out, we need to do some thinking.

We'd love to do another Blazersedge Night at the Garden this year.  Actually we're planning on two events I think, one actually at a game and one at a restaurant or sports bar after a game on some other date. 

For the actual night at the game in the Garden the Blazers want us to select a date early this year.  Actually we don't even really get to select a firm date.  We have to give them a list of possibilities and they assign us one.

Because of that we're soliciting opinions on the games you'd like to see.  Here's how it works:

--The schedule is here.  Remember, geniuses, it has to be a home game.  (Unless, of course, we have very active imaginations.)

--We'd like ONLY people who think they have a reasonable chance of attending a Blazersedge Night to vote.  That means if you already have your season tickets and can't sit with us, please don't vote.  If you're out of town and will never make it to Portland for a game, please don't vote.  If you think it's a great idea but you know in your heart of hearts that you're not going, please don't vote.  This is for people who want to come and will come!

--We'd like you to list your top three choices, in order.  ONLY three choices, please.  Make it easy for us to read and account for these votes!

--Reminder, this is NOT for the sportsbar/restaurant night after the game...JUST for the ACTUAL night all of us are sitting together in the Rose Garden.  Don't bother to vote for the sportsbar/restaurant night now, as a lot of that will depend on the game we get here.

Thanks for helping us!

--Dave (