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Assemble Your Own Blazer Team, Day 7: Bench Scorer

This is the next to the last day of the Build Your Own Blazer Team project.  Tomorrow your teams will be complete!  (And you won't want to miss the craziness that's going on there.)  But before we do that, we need some scoring punch off of the bench.  If you don't understand what's going on just scroll down a few posts and you'll get the drift.  You can even go back to Day 1 and draft your own team if you want.  For today, three brief reminders:

  • Remember you get the services of the guy you pick from his Blazer years onward throughout his career.
  • Remember if the guy you want isn't available today just draft the best guy you see offered.  You'll have a chance to get your guy.  To keep the process equitable going off the board is not allowed.
  • Remember that the guys you pass up won't be available again, so choose carefully.

Since your teams are almost complete and these guys have to blend with the six players you already have I'm breaking form and offering a little background on each to supplement your knowledge and aid your decision.  I'm also offering FOUR players today for your pleasure!  For a scoring wing off your bench you can choose from...

Jim Paxson, a good all-around scorer but lacking deep range somewhat.  His greatest strength is moving without the ball so forget it if you have a team of ball hogs.

Drazen Petrovic, an amazing shooter who had a rough start in the league but blossomed into a 20-point scorer largely on his ability to hit the jumper.  Defense was not his specialty.

Billy Ray Bates, a Blazer legend who didn't have a long tenure but was explosive during his productive seasons.  If you need a little athleticism and pizzazz because you took a sweet-shooting backcourt here's your guy.

Isaiah "J.R." Rider, considered by many a villain but he's big, athletic, a former dunk champion, and could get you 20 at the drop of a hat.  Watch the attitude though.

Let us know below which guy you're taking.

--Dave (