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My Big Fat Blazers Wedding

Pardon my absence from the site the last couple of days, a true "g" is getting married this Friday so I've been busy trying to talk him out of it celebrate the occasion in Las Vegas.  Actually, this is the first wedding I've ever been remotely affiliated with (sad, I know) so I've really just been spending the last 4 or 5 days trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

Boring interlude aside, this brings me to the topic at hand.  Jay Allen over at 95.5 The Game recently got married.  Brian Wheeler noted on his radio show that Mr. Allen asked him to do some announcing at the wedding. 

This, of course, got me thinking about building the ultimate Blazers wedding.

Obviously... this is a job for BE; one man alone cannot possibly do this.

So, let's say you or a friend or your child is getting married and you have the run of the entire Blazers team, front office, organization, and the Blazers media (television, newspaper, radio, web, etc.).  You're getting ready to call in every favor in the book to ensure the ideal Blazers wedding.  Who serves what role?

Let me kick this off with the most obvious: Paul Allen is the Father of the Bride.  If you want to do this right, daddy warbucks gotta be in charge of paying for this shindig. 


I'm not saying I'm a gold digger... but, yeah, I guess I am.

(yes, I realize his neck is jacked up, my bad)

One of my coworkers, amusingly, nominated Travis Outlaw as the Flower Girl.

Hmmmmm.....  Anne, I'll let you have the final judgement on this one.  Somebody want to put a bow on his head?  I'm all photoshopped out.

So... you can take this seriously or in jest, but, either way, you must help me build the ultimate Blazers wedding.   Note: Absolutely every position is available (security, wedding singer, limo driver... your imagination is the only limitation here). 

Do that there... starting... now.

-- Ben (