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Assemble Your Own Blazer Team Day 6: Utility Big Man

We're romping right through the final days of the "Build Your Own Blazer Team" project.  I'm happy to see all of the enthusiastic response!  If you're not on board yet, just scroll down through the prior posts to see how you can assemble YOUR killer Blazer team from history.

Brief recap of the process:

  • You're building a rotation of eight.
  • Each day you select one player from three.  The players you pass over will NOT be available again.
  • You get the production of that player in their Blazer years plus all years after, but NOT before they became a Blazer.
  • If your favorite player doesn't come up, don't worry.  You'll have a chance to draft him later.

Today's choice is between multi-talented big men.  Every team needs at least one, right?  If you'd prefer to insert one of these guys in your starting lineup and transfer one of the guys you took before to the second unit I have no problem with that.  It's one of the things that will differentiate people's teams.  Your choice today is between  Rasheed WallaceCliff Robinson, and Lamarcus Aldridge.  Have fun with that one!  Let us know your pick and the justification below.

--Dave (