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Celebrating the Laborers

Since this is Labor Day Weekend I'm going to ask Blazer Nation to dig into its collective memory and experience in celebration of those who labor.  What I'd like to do with this post is compile a list of guys whom you consider the hardest workers in team history.  These can be stars or completely obscure players that only you remember.  This is the weekend we celebrate the blue collar guys who left it all out on the court every night.

The only thing I'd ask is for you to share stories and reasoning with each player, not just a list.  If you want to mention more than one player that's fine, but please give each his due in a separate comment with an explanation of what you remember about him.  That's far more entertaining and conversation-provoking than just saying, "Player X, Y, Z, and Q."  What do you remember about how they worked?  What did it do for the team?  Why should we all hoist one this weekend to this guy?

One of the things Kevin Duckworth's passing reminded me of is that it's good to take note of (and tell stories about) some of the players from our past.  Here is your chance.

--Dave (