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Brief Notes on Rudy and Darius

Spain has advanced to the finals of the Olympics over Lithuania.  Rudy had a fine, fine third quarter and really led the charge that put Spain over the top.  A couple of brief observations:

--I mentioned this early on but I'll say it again:  I love how quickly Rudy decides to shoot and then just does it.  The lack of hesitation on his shot will serve him plenty well in the NBA.

--At heart Rudy has the temperment to be a complementary player.  He doesn't seem like the kind of guy to go out and demand shots or dominate the ball.  The thing I like about him, though, is that when you need him, he's there.  It's fairly rare to see a guy with the capability to light up a game who doesn't insist upon doing it in inappropriate moments.

OCBlazerFan has noted here that Darius Miles has signed a contract with the Boston Celtics, as reported at RealGM.   The way I understand it so far, this is a non-guaranteed contract.  That means it isn't worth the paper it's printed on yet.  It's basically an assurance that Darius will go to training camp with the Celtics and not anybody else.  We will need to see the actual terms of the contract to figure out more.  We will try to gather more information.   Blazer fans don't need to fret until he makes the opening night roster.

--Dave (