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Our Goal

Since Blazersedge has gotten bigger and more notorious we are often asked what our future goals will be.  We usually keep it close to the vest because we don't want to jinx anything, but with Ben's recent interview with a Spanish site (the second for us in as many years) and our growing popularity in France and Finland, it's time to finally reveal our true target.

The time:  Summer, 2014. 

The place:  Yet to be revealed, but we're hoping Rio de Janeiro. 

Cue Bob Costas.

Bob:  Good evening folks, and welcome back to the Blogolympics.  We're right in the middle of the finals of the 3000-words-and-over NBA division.  For the call let's go to Tom Hammond and Buzz Bissinger in the Rio Basement Hall.

Tom Hammond:  Thanks, Bob.  Right now we have Dave Deckard of Blazersedge just reaching the three-quarters mark in this marathon competition.

Buzz Bissinger:  That's right, Tom.  The 3000-words-and-over division is definitely the heavyweight class.  These guys have to show endurance and maintain the level of interest.  You can't just throw in fluff paragraphs here.  The judges are going to want incisive reasoning and sparkling verbiage throughout.

Tom:  How's Dave from Blazersedge doing so far?

Buzz:  He's just finishing up a paragraph comparing Greg Oden's effect on the league to the barrier-breaking quantum tunneling properties of sub-atomic particles.  Heady stuff.

Tom:  You know, many found it surprising that Dave would make the U.S. team.  Henry Abbott of Truehoop was considered a lock.

Buzz:  Yes, but there was that whole doping scandal.

Tom:  You kind of suspected when he was bald and had typing fingers the size of ripe zucchini.

Buzz:  Well, Henry started out his career pure but he had to work his way back from the injuries he sustained trying to uncover that whole William Wesley thing.  The pressure was on to recover fast.

Tom:  Oh!  Dave has just completed the treacherous double link portion of his program.  Looked good to me!

Buzz:  Yes, but he tends to rely too much on "here" and "click here" in his hyperlink descriptions.  The level of difficulty is just too low there.  The judges want to see more at this level.

Tom:  What else are they looking for?

Buzz:  Correct quote attribution, appropriate use of multimedia inserts...wait...he's coming up to his closing paragraph.

Tom:  He appears to be finishing strong!  But look!  There's cat intereference!

Buzz:  That's all part of the game, Tom.  He has to keep his concentration here.  It looks like he scooped the cat off the keyboard and onto the floor and never skipped a beat.  OHHHHH!  But he mixed a metaphor there!  That's a major deduction, Tom!

Tom:  How big?

Buzz:  He started out with imagery of a haunting oboe solo and ended up with something about a Thighmaster.  That's going to be half a point at least.  But he's recovered now and is finishing with an airtight concluding sentence. 

Tom:  That's his specialty.  Will it be enough to propel him to gold?  Find out when we return.

(sigh)  A guy can dream, can't he?

--Dave (