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What They're Saying

We've already linked up Jason Quick's work (which has been phenomenal) but here are a few highlights from and links to various reactions to Brandon Roy's injury and surgery.   

Wendell Maxey on Hoopsworld.

Right now the billboards around Portland read "Imagine Oden Next Year" . No one wants to see them changed to say "Imagine Roy Sitting Out" . But could that be the reality?

Dwight Jaynes on the sexily-named

With the style of game Roy plays, you have to be concerned about his ability to stay healthy throughout his career. And while he’s known for his ability to take punishment on the way to the basket and still score, that style is eventually going to cost him time on the injured list.

Mike Barrett on

As you recall, last season Roy missed all of the pre-season and didn't appear to be affected at all, as he went on to make the Western Conference All-Star team. Expect him to be protected during training camp, and the pre-season, as the goal is to have him in the lineup by the season opener against the Lakers, in L.A. on October 28th.

Ezra Caraeff at the Portland Mercury.

In the future, I think the Blazers should get a punch card for their player's knee surgeries. Sort of like what you get at Quiznos. Once they get that 12th surgery, the 13th one is free. Plus they'll get a delicious toasted sub as well.

Sean Meagher with some video of KP summarizing the procedure.

Casey has the audio and a transcription of the audio.

Ryan White on the Tailgate.

Brandon Roy is having knee surgery this morning.


Wait. Wait Wait. It's not as bad as it sounds -- unless they get in there and decide to do microfracture for the hell of it.


Sorry, just a joke. Take a deep breath. It'll be Ok. He'll be Ok.

Henry the Blogfather on TrueHoop.

To me the bigger worry is projecting years down the road, now what we know he's an injury prone dude, like just about all of Portland's best players.



Mildly alarming is the news that this is Roy's third knee surgery. He has now had two on the left and one on the right. Not to mention that nagging heel issue.

The Blazer fan in me is now taking a deep breath.  

As of 8:30PM, both the Tribune and the Columbian do not appear to have covered the story with more than a press release.

An added bonus for today...

Today started with some perspective from Dave regarding what this turn of events means.  Let's end today, a tough day for Brandon and Blazers fans, by looking back at one of Brandon's finest hours.  I encourage you to go back and read this post and  this post.  Both are our recaps from the Atlanta Hawks game back in January, arguably Roy's finest performance of the season.  In the second post, be sure not to miss the quotes about Brandon from Coach Nate.  Those words speak volumes.

And here's a video from the end of that game which never fails to make me misty-eyed.

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