Great Greg O. Video

KATU's sports department has posted a teriffic 2-minute video of Greg Oden's workout on their website today.


The video includes sound clips with Greg Oden, Kevin Pritchard, and Channing Frye... and includes a great two-on-two workout with Frye, Steve Blake and the Arkansas Ozarker, Steven Hill.

The video features several examples of GO's skillset, including: the power dunk, the touch dunk, the two-handed hammer, the statue-of-liberty, the spin dunk, the crossover dunk, the alley-oop slam, the pick-and-pound, the reverse dunk, the thunder slam, the tip dunk, the rim-rattler, the backboard warper, the buckeye flush and the grecian formula (no play for mr. hill). He also blocked a couple of shots.


Please enjoy it.