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Good News (Possibly)

As Damir and Junior DelNorte have pointed out in the sidebar (you guys are SO quick it's not even fair) is reporting that Elton Brand is signing with the Sixers.  You do need to check out Damir's thread for the comment by Boomdizzle if nothing else.  Priceless.  Take that Clips.

This is also good news for the Blazers, if true.  Elton Brand is one of the guys in the West for whom we really have no answer.  He's powerful enough to invalidate Lamarcus' post defense and skilled enough to get Greg Oden in least for the next couple of years.  Having him go east means one less headache in the crowded playoff race.  That's not to say the Clippers are out of that race, but at least they don't have that scary one-on-one matchup against us.

Philadelphia cleared $14 million in cap space to make this happen, which shows why that kind of maneuverability can be valuable.  You honestly never know what's going to happen.  Most of the time the league is predictable, but every once in a while...pow!  The Timberwolves got a first round pick and Rodney Carney for free in order to clear enough space in Philly, which is another possible benefit of having cap room.  This also shows why you don't let players you value get into free agency where you have no control.

In any case, should the report turn out as advertised, condolences to the Clippers.  It's likely they'll be sitting on their couch tonight in a housecoat with a half-gallon of gourmet ice cream wondering what the heck Philly has that they don't.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough makes everything better...

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