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Quick Notes

Good stuff by Jason Quick over at OregonLive today.  Most of his story is about the arrival of Jerryd Bayless, but there are more tidbits in there.  Among the high points:

--Nate gave Bayless a nice, big hug as a greeting.

--Nate envisions Bayless playing mostly point guard.

--Petteri Koponen will start alongside JB in the backcourt at Summer League but Bayless will see time at the point.

--Ike Diogu will also play in a couple of Summer League games.

--Nate McMillan reportedly turned down a contract extension this summer, preferring to get closer to the end of his deal before renegotiating.

--The starting small forward spot on next year's team is still open, though Travis Outlaw may find himself playing with the second unit not because of talent, but because he will have more opportunities to score there.

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