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Assemble Your Own Blazer Team Day 4: Shooting Guards

 Here we are on Day 4 of the "Build Your Own Blazer Team" exercise...halfway through.  If you're not sure yet what's going on, just scroll down through the earlier entries and start picking your team.  To recap briefly:

  • You're building a team of eight rotation players from all-time Blazers.
  • Your team gets the benefit of the Blazer years for each player plus all years thereafter, but not before.
  • Each day there's a choice of three players.  The players you pass over will NOT be available to you again, so choose wisely.
  • If the player you want at a position isn't listed, just wait instead of complaining!  It's a sure bet he'll come around on a later day.
  • Keep track of your choices each day.  After it's all said and done you can share your team and speculate why you made the best choices.
  • Clyde Drexler is injured and won't be able to suit up.  Plan accordingly.

    Today you get to choose between three shooting guards (again, remembering that Clyde is injured and won't be available for this exercise at all).  They are:  Geoff Petrie, Lionel Hollins, and Brandon Roy.

    Select your player in the comment section below and give us an idea of why you picked the guy you did.  Have fun!

    --Dave (