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Official Blazersedge Summer League Dinner Get-Together

We're getting ready for Summer League and Mr. Rasta-Bird (that's what I call him in my mind, Mon) has been kind enough to arrange a fun-and-quirky dinner get-together for any Blazersedge readers who are in Vegas that week.

The Day:  Friday, July 18th

The Time:  7:00 p.m.

The Place:  Quark's:

The Cost:  Food goes from $10-$30 depending on what you get.  (salads are about 6 or seven and the menu is online if you go to the link).  Tips will be 19% automatic to the meals.  (It's totally illegal for a casino game to take that much of a rake but what can you do?)  If last year's experience is any guide it would be helpful if some folks brought cash, as they might not let us get separate tickets and paying via 22 credit cards is...inconvenient.

What Do I Need to Do?  R.S.V.P. by July 10th if you can to...

jayson262001 at

That is also the e-mail address for more info.


 P.S.  Here is RB's original post.