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The "I Love Steve Blake" Thread

I promised you that I would do a Steve Blake post at the end of the series on possible Blazer point guards, but I don't really want to wait that long to give the guy his own thread...nor do I think it's necessarily fair to only do a thread on him in comparison to other point guards around the league.  Steve is his own guy.  So this thread is for you to list all the reasons you like Blake and think he fits as our point guard.  Feel free to make the case whether he should fit as the starter or a bench player in the future, providing he remains here.

The comment section awaits...

--Dave (

P.S.  If you've noticed the posts are a little shorter the last couple of days, you're right.  I'm getting a rare treat this week.  My dad and stepmom are visiting.  Since this only happens once or twice a year I'd feel bad spending a couple hours a night posting.  Besides, you're going to get me to yourselves for pretty much 24 hours a day during Summer League.  Ben has been throwing up a ton of good stuff, which helps.  I'm also kind of depending on you guys to do some of the heavy lifting conversationally until Saturday.  Thanks a ton!