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Assemble Your Own Blazer Team Day 2: The Power Forwards

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Here is the second installment giving you the chance to build your own rotation of eight to suit up for the Blazers.  You can scroll down a couple posts to see day one, which covered the centers and explained the process.  To recap briefly:

  • You're choosing eight players, one each day, to make a team.
  • Each day involves a position and three choices, of which you must select one.  The players you pass over will not be available to re-draft later.  Choose them or lose them.
  • You get the benefit of that player as a Blazer as well as everything they did after in the league, no matter what team they later played for.  Build for long-term excellence or short-term rings as you prefer.
  • If the player you really want at the position isn't listed, don't worry.  You'll have a chance to add him later.
  • Keep track of your team.  At the end of the process you all can list your eight and explain why you built your team the way you did.
  • Clyde is injured and not playing.

Today we're looking at power forwards.  Your choices are:  Maurice Lucas, Buck Williams, or Zach Randolph.

Share in the comment section which guy you choose and why.

--Dave (