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Assemble Your Own Blazer Team

Since we have some time to whittle away over the next few days we're going to run a feature (in addition to our regular ones) that lets you build your own Blazer team.  Yes, this is a riff on the familiar "Greatest Blazers Ever" theme but it has a different format which makes the choices more interesting than simply splatting down five names and calling it a day.  Here's how it works:

  • You're going to build a rotation of eight players from Blazer history.
  • Each day you will be given a choice between three players to fill a position or role.  You have to choose one of them.  The ones you don't choose are GONE forever.  You won't be able to draft them later, so choose wisely.
  • You may assume that you will get the production that player gave as a Blazer and anything AFTER, but not before.  In other words if you were to select Fat Lever you could assume you'd get his Blazer years plus the production he later gave in Denver.  (You just wouldn't have traded him.)  But you could not get a young Scottie Pippen.  This allows you to use longevity as one criterion for building your team.
  • If a player you like isn't listed at his position, don't worry.  He's probably coming up later and you'll have a chance to draft him then.  In other words no, "I wanted Power Forward Z but you only listed P, Q, and X!" complaining.  You can get Power Forward Z later on and shift him into the starting role.  Just pick one of the players each day and watch how it plays out.
  • You can list the player you select each day in the comment section so we get an idea of who is the most popular.  You can explain why you took your player if you wish.  You may think he's the best overall or he may fit the particular team you're building better than the others.
  • At the end of the process we'll have a post where you can list your complete eight-man rotation and explain why you like it.
  • Because he's probably going to blow away everyone else on shooting guard day I think we're going to say that Clyde Drexler is injured and can't play.  Sad for all of us Blazer fans, but it'll make the selection more interesting.

So here we go.  This is Day One and we're picking centers to anchor our squad.  Your choices are:  Bill Walton, Arvydas Sabonis (remember the Blazer version and after only), or Greg Oden.

Make your initial selection below and enjoy!

--Dave (