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Best Dawson Since Richard?

As SloppyJoe has mentioned in the sidebar, 95.5 The Game is getting a new morning drive host and it's none other than our old friend Gavin Dawson.  It was only a few months ago that we were talking about Gavin's unfortunate exit from the AM side of the dial and now here he is in one of the most prestigious spots on the hottest sports radio station in town.  It's funny how radio works.  It's also great that it's Gavin.  Whatever you think of him or his style, three things have remained solid about Mr. Dawson:

1.  He has talked Blazers consistently, even when talking Blazers wasn't cool.

2.  He researches his stuff and generally knows what he's talking about.

3.  He's willing to ask the relevant questions while still retaining enthusiasm for the team and an understanding of what the Blazers mean to Portland.

That alone would be enough for me to be plenty happy that The Game is featuring him.  Add the fact that he's a pretty nice guy and you've got a pretty cool deal.

Hearty congratulations to Gavin.  Here's hoping many of you will tune in to see what's up each morning.

--Dave (