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Filed under: Exclusive: Mike Golub Loves You

Earlier this summer, we were lucky to sit down with Mike Golub, then COO of the Portland Trail Blazers. Recently, Mr. Golub was promoted to a position as a special adviser to Vulcan, Paul Allen's parent company that manages his sports teams.

I spoke with Mr. Golub this week by phone and then via email to get the lowdown on what his new position entails, the timing of the promotion, and who, if anyone, replaces him. His thoughts are in the boxes.

------------------------------- Are you new duties set in stone?

Between the Blazers, Seahawks and now the Seattle Sounders Paul Allen owns 3 teams In the past there has been some coordination between , some synergy, but we've only just scratched the surface on how best the three teams can work together, grow the fan bases and optimize the business.That's my charge. I know the Blazers and Portland extremely well. We at the Blazers have an be the team of the Northwest. And the Seahawks definitely have an interest in doing more in Portland. It's a very interesting set of opportunities. The timing is interesting to me, in that you would take this position so soon after the Sonics move became official. was this coincidental or causal?

It was definitely part of the equation, but not all of it. The Blazers business is on a very solid foundation for the first time in a while. We have really turned the business and how people feel about the team around in dramatic fashion. Now with the Sonics no longer in Seattle, the Blazers have an opportunity to become the regions team much in the same way the Seahawks and Mariners are. How does your day to day change logistically? You're still based in Portland but i'm guessing less face time in PTB offices?

I'm very happy that I will still be based in Portland, but I will defnitely be spending more time in Seattle . If any of your readers have favorite places to stop along I-5 I would very much welcome suggestions. When should we expect an announcement on your replacement?

My position won't be replaced. Most of the departments and the parts of the business that I had been responsible for will now be reporting directly to Larry Miller. Any other thoughts?

The Blazers have without question the best fans in sports. They hung with us during the tough times and its so rewarding for all of us around the team to have the fans as excited and engaged in the team as they are. The future is remarkably bright for the franchise and its going to be a heck of a fun ride to be on. Sports has a unique way of bringing people together and making a city a more enjoyable place to live. That's why I'm in the business and I am hopeful my new job will allow me to more of this. Congrats on developing such a great online community at Blazers Edge. Everybody at the Blazers appreciates what you do for the fans and the franchise.


So there you have it, straight from the source. To me (and to many people) this kind of direct communication between upper management and fans would have been unthinkable as recently as a few years ago.

I think it is fair to say that Vulcan does not have the same PR standing as the Blazers organization. I think many fans are skeptical, perhaps distrusting, of the perceived closed door approach of Vulcan, which many view as being a "Seattle" company rather than a "Portland" company.

I hope that Mr. Golub, who seems to share the vision of open communication and honesty put forth by Larry Miller and Kevin Pritchard, brings that "culture" to Vulcan.

It seems to me, with this discussion, that he has begun that process already. Here's my question to you... does this dialogue begin to change your perception of Vulcan?

-- Ben (