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Darius Miles Has Privacy?

Dwight Jaynes wrote an excellent piece about the Darius Miles Health Affair this week.

knickfan beat me to the punch with his fanpost about it.  A must read.

A few random thoughts...

Don't take anything from the "no response" from Miles' agent, Mr. Wechsler.  My understanding from a number of writers that have tried to contact him is that he basically refuses to talk about any issue. 

Indeed,  I naively tried to reach out for "Darius's side of the story" recently and came across Mr. Wechsler's agency website.  It hasn't changed in months.  I found the lack of a website interesting given that he is seen as a pretty heavy-hitter, with clients such as Larry Hughes, Alonzo Mourning, Quentin Richardson and, of course, Darius.  Most companies worth millions of dollars invest at least something into a web presence. 

Aside: from his list of clients, it appears he's carved out quite a lucrative niche convincing teams to overpay for underperformers (with the exception of Zo).

In any case, I think it's telling that the big recent Miles news came from SI's Ian Thomsen, and read kind of like Thomsen randomly bumped into Darius in a casino in Vegas and caught him at a good (or better-than-usual) moment.

The "no comment" from the Blazers is frustrating, but at this point I don't think they have much choice legally.  The logical conclusion from that is: this story is far from over.

A final thought... Mr. Miles: talking now only does you good.  It keeps your name in the papers and gets you that much closer to another contract.  As long as you keep your sentiments positive, you've got nothing to lose because you're on the outside looking in right now.  Humanizing your struggle by speaking would be a great move.  Plus, I imagine you've got a lot more to say.

And I know I'd like to hear it.

-- Ben (