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In Praise of Ben Golliver

As I was working on the second half of the blogger credential piece (see update below) I wanted to cite some general blog work which was distinct, remarkable, and well-done.  To save time and researching headaches I decided to stick with our own, though there are thousands of great posts out there.  I'm not going to spoil the piece by previewing which ones I selected, but I will say this:  four out of  the five links were to Ben's posts.  It struck me for about the thousandth time in the last few months how lucky Blazersedge is to have a writer the caliber of Ben who also fits in so well with our "culture", both at the site and at the arena.  Seriously...a ton of people who have met Ben from media colleagues to the team representatives he has interviewed have told me what an excellent person he is all-around.  It also struck me how silly it was to keep these thoughts to myself and how inadequate an e-mail to Ben would be.  So I decided to share it publicly today, so you would also have an opportunity to show your appreciation for Ben should you so desire.

Thanks for all you've done, Ben!  I look forward to reading every post and interview.  Here's to another great season in 08-09!

--Dave (