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Greg Oden Didn't Watch Jerryd Bayless

This evening on 95.5 FM The Game, Greg Oden told Mike Barrett and Mike Rice that he did not watch any of the Blazers' summer league games. He also admitted that he has not seen any of Jerryd Bayless's MVP play.

First, it goes without saying that I appreciate Greg's honesty. He easily could have BS'd or PC'd the question.

Second, I realize that GO is a BUSY guy. Summer classes at Ohio State; appearing on the ESPYs; rehabbing the knee; lifting weights; the list goes on. He is a special kind of supernova that Portland hasn't seen since Clyde.

But, if I'm being completely honest, it bugs me that Greg didn't watch any of the summer league games. It doesn't anger me, but it bugs me.

I'm not suggesting that he should have flown to Vegas to cheer the guys on (playing in a game to get to know his teammates like Kevin Durant, the man he will always be linked with, was obviously off the table). And I'm not suggesting he should have stayed up late breaking down the tape in excrutiating detail (it is, after all, only summer league).

But it still bugs me. Bayless could be and should be seeing major minutes this year. He could be and should be running beautiful pick and rolls with the big guy. He has a unique, almost singular style of play at which nearly every analyst and fan marvelled. JB was THE STORY this summer league from start to finish, achieving an on-court success greater than even GO himself did the previous summer. This was something worth watching; this was newsworthy; this was on NBATV and could have been DVRed quite easily.

Most importantly, this was his teammate!

So what gives?

Like I said, this situation bugs me a little bit. But the important question is: does it bug you? Register your vote and explain your thinking.

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