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Jerryd Bayless has a Posse

After bringing home MVP honors at the Las Vegas Summer League, what does Jerryd Bayless do to celebrate?  Well, I can't tell you exactly but... it involved his parents. 


Party on Wayne! Party on Garth!

His mother, as you might have heard, presented Jerryd with the MVP award prior to the Blazers' fifth and last summer league game.  And sure, the newest Future Hall of Fame Trail Blazer may constantly sport the Bayless Face™


"If you don't put that camera away I WILL kill you."

But he is, still, a teenager.  Carmelo Anthony he isn't. (Great photo from Phoenix Stan)

For the record, I wasn't intimidated by nor overly skeptical of Carmelo's posse and bodyguards.  If Tupac gets shot in the city, it's "better safe than sorry" time.  Time to take every precaution. 

After all, why do you think I was in Vegas?  Somebody had to protect Dave.

-- Ben (