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Bayless is Insatiable; Love is Hungry

Quick check-in here from McCarren Airport as (huge surprise) I'm enduring a Sunday night flight delay.

Chris Mannix at CNNSI checked in with a dispatch from here in Vegas.  Topic #1 for Mr. Mannix, and all of summer league, was Jerryd Bayless.  Shocker.  But check out the quotes he got regarding Jerryd's role on the Blazers once the real season rolls around.

McMillan said incumbent Steve Blake will be the opening-night starter ("It's Steve's job," McMillan said. "He will be our point guard.") and Bayless will have to battle for minutes with second-year playmaker Sergio Rodriguez and Rudy Fernandez, a 6-foot-6 combo guard who is coming over from Europe after spending the last seven seasons playing in the elite Spanish ACB League.

Bayless, however, may have something to say about that.

"I think it's [an open competition]," said Bayless. "Obviously we're teammates and you have to keep a positive attitude, but when we're out on the court everyone is going to compete.

Love the confidence from Bayless. 

Love the idea of a competition for the starting spot.

Also, I love Nate's stance.  Stand by your man.

Then Ian Thomsen, also over at SI, got Kevin Love to drop this gem:

"The biggest thing now is just the wind and the body fat,'' he said. "I want to get to under 10 [percent body fat]. I'm about 12 or 11.5 percent right now. I was 15 to 16 percent [last season], so that's significant, being down that much. I'm going to hire either a nutritionist or a chef just to write it off on my taxes. I'm learning all the different stuff, even at 19, about the accountants and the things you can write off.''

Okkkkkk... good job, I guess?

Plenty more thoughts from summer league coming later this week.

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