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Top Ten Things About Being in Vegas

As we prepare to leave the city of Brotherly Swindling it seemed appropriate to run down the Top Ten things about being in Las Vegas for a week for Summer League.

10.  The Strip at midnight looks like a Hooters exploded.

9.  Enjoying people from all ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, and social classes massacre "Bust a Move" on karaoke.

8.  Discovering Ben Golliver smells vaguely like Peach Schnapps.

7.  Where else can you find Bingo at 3 a.m.?

6.  Sure-Fire Bar Bet:  Pronounce  "Petteri Koponen"

5.  Making a fortune betting the "over" on Jerryd Bayless' free throw attempts.

4.  $6.99 chicken strip dinner, anytime, anywhere.

3.  After ten minutes in the trunk your plain, ordinary deodorant becomes fancy gel deodorant!

2.  Hearing Finnish guys ask repeatedly, "How much must I tip this person?"

1.  Multiple Elvii!

--Dave (