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Youtube Honors Terry Porter


Sure I got distracted this past week or so with draft talk but don't think I forgot about Terry Porter and the quest to get his jersey retired. 

For this week's installment, I have found a ridiculous highlight video from the 1992 playoffs, which most people would agree was the pinnacle of his career. 

His stat line for the playoffs that year is just stupid:

21 games, 41 minutes/game (!), 52% field goal shooting, 47% from 3 point land (!!), 83% free throw shooting, 21.4 points/game (!!!), 4.6 rebounds/game and 6.7 assists/game.

Like I said, just stupid.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words then a video must be worth 1,000 pictures.  So instead of me writing 1,000,000 words, direct your attention to this Youtube from the 1992 Western Conference Finals, when the Blazers famously squared off against the Stockton/Malone-led Utah Jazz.  And be sure to scroll down for a list of my favorite moments.

:19    TP starts the video right by banging in a 3 pointer.
:48    TP finishes on the run and gets an awkward man hug from Kersey.
1:00  TP bangs in another 3 pointer.
1:12  TP makes a beautiful entry pass.
1:53  TP bangs in yet another 3 pointer, this time right in Stockton's face.
2:22  TP on the run again, gets the sick and one thanks to great body control.
2:32  Rinse, repeat: TP bangs in yet another 3.
3:14  TP the leader keeps the head case Duckworth happy.
3:55  Even Clyde is laughing about how awesome TP is.
4:46  TP goes one on five, taking the whole Jazz team to the rack.
5:23  TP the politician says all the right things, expressing confidence in the team.
7:05  TP runs the pick and pop perfectly, finding Duck with a textbook bounce pass.
9:12  TP breaks Malone off super hard and finds the spotter wide open.
9:30  TP crashes the glass smartly and draws a loose ball foul.
9:32  TP executes Stockton off the dribble and finishes perfectly.
9:41  TP closes the video right by finishing another one on the run.

So, there you have it.  Without a doubt, the video shows what a great TEAM that 1991-1992 squad was (and also how unstoppable Clyde was). 

But, more importantly for our purposes, it solidifies the arguments we've been making for months now: TP could shoot, TP could break down a defense, TP could get out and run, TP could pass, TP could do the little things, and, most importantly, TP could lead.

TP was the man.  He still deserves his jersey retired.

-- Ben (