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Podcast Is Up

This week's podcast is up.  Topics include Rudy Fernandez, roster space, veterans vs. potential, a little bit of Summer League, and a peek into the secret life of Gavin Dawson.  You can find the feed...


Also, a disclaimer before I get roasted.  We were talking about the strengths and weaknesses of our four potential point guards and the possible playing time for Bayless and Fernandez.  We got into the hole left by Jarrett Jack, what opportunities that opened up, and which of our guys could step up and fill those minutes and that role.  In the course of explaining our needs in that area I talked about how Jarrett Jack could get his own shot and take care of the ball.  The word I was looking for instead of "ball" was OFFENSE.  Obviously "take care of the ball" is usually equated with not turning the ball over, an area in which Jarrett struggled mightily last year.  Taking care of the offense, on the other hand, is more along the lines of being able to get your shot when you need to without totally disrupting the flow every time you touch it.  You could generally pass the ball to Jarrett and still be effective without killing momentum.  Once the word has left your lips on the podcast, however, it's all but impossible to go back and correct without sounding awkward, so I just let it go.

Just wanted to forestall the raft of mocking, angry comments.

--Dave (

P.S.  I've also been informed that the ninnyhammer running the board got my audio level pretty low and they had to crank it up in post-production.  If things sound weird, that's why.

P.P.S.  Weirder than normal, that is.