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Greatest "Other" Blazer Ever

The last couple off-seasons we ran variations of the "Greatest Blazer Ever" polls.  In the flat-out Greatest Ever contest I believe Clyde Drexler edged out Bill Walton by a nose.  Then we did a "Greatest Besides Those Two" tournament and I'm too lazy to go back and check who won.  Porter maybe?  Lucas?  This year we're doing a more challenging version.  We want to know your greatest "Other" Blazer ever.  By that we mean the greatest Blazer who never played in the Western Conference Finals or NBA Finals for this team.  Anybody who played on the '76-'77 squad, between '89 and '92, or in 1999 or 2000 is out of the running.  No Hollins or Gross, nobody from the Clyde era, no 'Sheed, Pippen, or Sabonis.  Oh, and Brandon Roy hasn't played long enough yet to make "greatest" lists.  Sorry.

Register your vote below.  Have fun looking through the years of Blazer memories too!

--Dave (

P.S.  To make this even more interesting you may also name your favorite Blazer who meets these criteria, which may be entirely distinct from the greatest.  Just make clear which one you are officially voting for as greatest.