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Camby to the Clippers

Thanks to blzrfan in the gameday thread for letting us in on the latest trade development: Denver Nugget Marcus Camby just got salary dumped on the Clippers in exchange for a 2nd round pick

For the Clippers, this is sort of like going to Best Buy with a big gift card all ready to blow the whole thing on a huge flat-panel Panasonic, only to realize the model you wanted is sold out.  You end up settling for last year's, discontinued-but-still-nice, Vizio because your hopes were too far up to go home empty-handed.

Today: hey, a new TV!

Tomorrow: waking up in tears, unable to stop thinking about that new Panasonic.  It could have been mine!  It should have been mine!

That said, Camby is still a baller and I'm impressed by how quickly Dunleavy got back on the saddle after being so publicly emo about the whole Brand affair.

-- Ben (