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Gameday Open Thread (Summer League Style)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Go here to get started watching the games on

By Timbo's request, here's a thread to track tonight's summer league contest against the Wizards.  Gametime is 5PM and it is airing on Comcast SportsNet as well as (or so I am told).

I'll catch you here later tonight.  Until then, get your hype on. 

There are only two possible outcomes for tonight's performance: 1) I immediately buy a Jerryd Bayless jersey from or 2) I'm writing a Trade Him! post tomorrow.  No middle ground.

Go Blazers!

-- Ben (

Update from Vegas:  Blazersedge has arrived in Vegas!  I don't think I'll be updating very much during the game but to the extent I do you can find updates in the comment thread.  I'll put DAVE or something in the subject line to make finding them easy.  Watch for a complete recap after the game.


Second Update from Vegas:  I understand there have been some shenanigans post-wise while I have been on the road.  To be clear:  if you violate site rules while my back is turned, including the use of blatant profanity, you will be immediately banned, no questions asked.