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Quotes from Rudy's Press Conference

Here are some snippets from Rudy's press conference.

"My dream is to play in the NBA."

"I think I have experience... ACB had a great season in Spain. I want to help the team to get to the playoffs next year. I will learn... everything. I have the opportunity to play with one of the best players in the NBA, Brandon Roy, is an all star."

"I want to know from the coach exactly what he will be asked to do on the court."

"I'm a good shooter and I love the fast break. I think I'm prepared to play in the NBA."

"I speak a lot of times with Sergio he speaks great about the team and the company is very good. It's possible I help go to the playoffs. I think it's a good challenge."

"Nate says the first year is a difficult year. It's a new season, a new language, a new city, to play for him is very exciting to me because he's a very good coach."

Has he been to Portland? "No, never, but Sergio says it's a beautiful city. He says it rains a lot but it's no problem for me."

"After the Olympics, I'll go to Portland and buy a house."

"I'm not nervous. I play basketball and I love basketball. I play the best sport in the world."

Who did he grow up watching? "Michael Jordan. And I had a poster of Drexler in my room. Now I like Ginobilii, Kobe Bryant and Brandon Roy. I had the poster when I was 10 or 11 years old."

Was it hard to take less money to come to the NBA? "For me now in this moment, the money is not important. The dream was to come to the NBA." 

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