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Our official Blazersedge Poets Laureate have been hard at work in the pre-draft season.  You have already seen a couple examples of TDarkstar's handiwork.  You can find a recent one in this fanpost.  But TD's comrade and co-award-winner St. Bayno has also entered the fray.  He wrote a poem titled (believe it or not) "The Big Board: 120 Haiku Prospects".  And it is EXACTLY what it says.  I don't normally require you to click on a post to reveal its entirety, but in this case I had little choice.  Click through the jump to see this mighty endeavor.  I'm sure if you read closely enough you'll find the key to Kevin Pritchard's entire draft strategy.


Big Board: 120 Haiku Prospects

Brian Laing
driving home
under bare trees.

Mareese Speights
makes the extra
extra pass.

One hand on the rim,
the other signing autographs—
Alexis Ajinca.

not extinct yet!
Russell Westbrook.

circling the chimney—
Derrick Rose.

Jamont Gordon
goes to visit his warm-ups,
then comes back.

Reggie Williams shooting—
dandelion seeds
in flight.

Shawn James
in the churchbell.

An engine idling;
where did
Ryan Anderson go?

They're turning off
the aquarium lights—
Stefon Jackson.

Foggy hills,
quiet mustard fields,
it's DeMarcus Nelson.

DJ White—
there ought to be
a luxury model.

Brushing flies
from an octogenarian's blazer,
Marcelus Kemp.

No Kyle Weaver
and the sun setting—
dense forest.

In a summer deluge
Justin Hawkins
has disappeared.

Bluejays alighting
on the hedge; Jaycee Carrol
looks into the camera.

Walking through,
Omri Casspi's feet
muddied by puddles.

Sunset reddens
both the wheat fields
and Javale McGee.

Remembering how Omer Asik
crashed the boards,
my ink smells like turpentine.

Makes the ear happy—
Lester Hudson
practicing 3s.

The ocean floor spreading,
blind fish here and there,
and Joe Ingles.

Mario Chalmers
courtside coifs.

In moonlight
Luc Richard Mbah A Moute is
a snowman with intangibles.

Josh Duncan—
even the harmless layup
is a frightening thing.

Petals falling
to a puddle;
Ronald Steel at thee line.

Flowers offered
to Joe Crawford
dropped into a basket.

Lawnmowers whine
while Antoine Agudie
is sleeping.

Rain evaporates
on its way to the canyon—
Rob McKive.

The sheet over the sleepers face
ripples; Aleks Maric
moves without the ball.

Stone dropped
into an old well—
Josh Carter.

Passing to Othello Hunter,
the yellow chrysanthemums

Morning fog—
David Padgett
fishes from the bridge.

Thunder far away,
but no wind—
Anthony Morrow.

Malik Hairston—
cast, probably,
from the mouth of a whale.

A trash can
blown into the street—
sound of Tyrelle Blair.

The pigeon's gait
is a curious thing—
Artem Zabelin.

Spring ends—
Chris Daniels considers
signing with an agent.

The stillness of
high summer clouds—
Henk Norel.

The peonie drops petals
into the canal—
Brian Roberts.

Harvest moon,
picking cherries
with Longar Longar.

Sheet on the clothesline
twists in wind—
the shape of Ante Tomic.

Crossing the snowy field,
I keep seeing Marcus Dove
in the corner of my eye…

Companionship here and there—
Sasha Kaun is subbed in,
Sasha Kaun is subbed out.

Nikola Pekovic—
gleaning a wheat field
beside the highway.

Calligraphy of Eric Gordon
in the sky—

Winter evening—
Darnell Jackson
tapes his ankles.

The deer pass
quietly through the grove—
Joseph Jones.

Mark Tyndale—
before the wild violets
the tiller stalls.

'Sky, don't hog the moon,'
says Michael Beasley,
'I'm open!'

A parked sport coup—
Richard Hendrix
in both seats.

Shan Foster shooting
all day; outside,
the quiet moss rose.

A gust of wind
Chase Buddinger's reflection.

A prolonged
end of spring—
Serge Ibaka's fingers.

Feet tangled
in coastal iceplant—
Josh Shipp.

Goran Dragic's nose—
fresh peas
through a pea-shooter.

The city's thousand cars
and the sound of Giorgi Shermadini
in evening rain.

In a field of ripe tomatoes,
Stanley Burrell
breathes the sun.

Pick the jalapeños—
nothing left
in Maxim Sheleketo's garden.

Last year's schedule of classes
fills DeVon Hardin with nostalgia
like a hymn.

Darrell Arthur facing south,
the moon to his left,
the sun to his right.

Spring river
floods the park—
Jamar Butler.

Short night—
beads of dew
on Rickard Roby.

Washing a bowl,
suds in the sink—
far off, John Riek.

Short night—
Pat Calathes
ices his tailbone.

In the open court,
how long and thin
the legs of Kosta Koufos.

JaJuan Smith—
bubbles rising
in the marsh.

Twist of lime—
it draws together
Sean Singletary's eyebrows.

sift through sand
for Derrick Low.

The tongue of the bell
goes back and forth—
Joey Dorsey's rebound.

Nathan Jawai—
the tide has fallen
sixteen feet.

A short-legged sprint
in long shorts—
Jeremy Pargo.

A provincial
doughnut shop opening—
Kyle Hines.

Night deepens,
restlessness around campus,
Derrick Caracter.

Anton Ponkrashov—
the moon's
subtle waxing.


He swallows clouds
and spits out…clouds—
Bo McCalebb.

A breeze
stokes the logs—
Victor Claver walking.

Sonny Weems
flies west, commuters' shadows
drag east.

Hotel blinds
Ronalds Zakis.

A breeze
through the screened porch—
Jason Thompson.

Brook Lopez—
deep footprints
in Redondo Beach.

Pellet gun,
puff of feathers,
Wayne Ellington.

Water licks
the otter's ears—
Donte Green.

A fast-departing day
rings in the ears
of Keith Brumbaugh.

Are those squirrels
enemies or friends?
Bill Walker.

Orange dew,
a drop in each
of JJ Hickson's hands.

Gary Forbes,
you are the ball's

Anthony Randolph's shadow
is absurd.

A heron lopes
across the lake—
Roy Hibbert.

Turning over
the withered garden,
Bryce Taylor has gone.

Brandon Rush stays,
Brandon Rush cuts—
two autumns.

Dust motes in the air—
they seem to be avoiding
JR Giddens.

The apple tree
jokes about its blooming!
Drew Neitzel.

Lilac in bloom—
Russell Robinson
is lacing his shoes.

Will Danielsness—
the sound of the trombone
as it leaves the bell.

Chris Rhodes—
what does he eat
for lunch?

Nicolas Batum in the paint—
prairie grass
blown by wind.

Jerryd Bayless
leaps over a kite string
and keeps going.

Yellow leaves,
cloudy water,
Ty Lawson.

Finding one flashlight
with another—
Trent Plaisted.

High winds
snap at the banner—
Mantas Kalinietis.

A hazy moon
James Mays.

In the meadow
so much trampled grass—
Kevin Love.

The snail's eyestalks
are waving at
Joe Alexander.

Overtop the small barn
struck by lightning,
OJ Mayo.

The plum blossoms fallen,
through the branches
Danillo Gallinari.

Row of eucalyptus
swaying all day—
Semih Erden.

Marty Leuten
crossing the Rogue River,
sneakers in his hand.

The owl
takes wing
in Shagari Alleyne's shadow.

Courtney Lee
is peeing in the shower.

Who can say
the frog swims strangely?
Chris Douglas-Roberts.

Squeak of a sneaker,
smell of heat rub,
Davon Jefferson.

tract homes,
DeAndre Jordan's shoes.

The sound of chewing,
Robin Lopez,
winter night.

The sparrow
never hums—
Rodrigue Beaubois.

The horse turns his rump
to the winter wind—
Deron Washington.

From the mouth
of the sparrow the song
of DJ Augustin.

A cornfield,
no Patric Ewing Jr. in sight,
the sea brightening.

is the summer
of James gist.

Jawann McClellan
in the evening,
the consolations of solitude.