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The Drool Factor

OK, I'll admit it.  While going over our prospective lineup for the next few years in my mind this weekend I really started to salivate.  Some of those names together really roll off of the tongue.  I don't even have to say know who they are.

Which brings us to the question of the day.  Let's skip the bumps and bruises and learning curves of the next couple of years and jump ahead to the really good stuff.  Let's look three years down the road to 2010-11, Greg Oden's third year on the court.  Most folks who anticipate the Blazers' fortunes rising would point to that as a safe year for purposes of claiming real contention.  What I'd like from you is our 2010-11 lineup, starters and the top three bench players.  Obviously some of the guys will be from our current team.  I'm not asking you to identify the players who will be new.  If you think the person filling a particular position is not on our team yet, just put "Someone Else".  So your lineup might look like... C: Oden, PF: Aldridge, SF: Someone Else, etc.  I guess if you thought our Big Three would be the only enduring players you'd put their names and five "Someone Elses"! 

I'm curious to see who you think plays where in three years and how many current Blazers will remain.  Have fun, and don't forget the drool bib!

--Dave (